Sauna Arla – Arlan sauna

Sauna Arla – Arla's sauna

Since 1929


Sauna Arla represents the most authentic urban culture in Helsinki. People come together to Arla to spend time together, relax and enjoy a good steam. You can bring your own drinks and food or buy some refreshments and snacks at the desk. The traditional public sauna is always open from Wednesday to Sunday. On Mondays and Tuesdays, the sauna facilities are available for rental by private arrangement.

There is a jolly atmosphere in the spacious sauna and the stunning steam here is unmatched. Over a thousand kilos of rocks in a single-heated heater keep the steam hot from morning until night. The heaters are heated with biogas, four hours before opening the sauna.

Arla's trademark is its metal wash basins, where you can mix water at your own suitable temperature. On Sundays there is a traditional washer in Arla. While lying on the table, you can just relax while the traditional washer cleans your body from head to toes.

Men and women have their own separate sauna and changing rooms on different floors. Each sauna section has 25 lockers. There is a rotating photo exhibition in the staircase between the floors.

We want to foster a sauna culture for families. Children under the age of 15 are offered free access to Arla.

You can buy the tickets to the sauna during sauna's opening hours. Or you can book your tickets in advance from

Price list

Payment method cash or card

  • Sauna ticket 13€
  • Saunal ticket students, unemployed and pensioners 10€
  • Towel rent 3€, Bathrobe rent 6€
  • Sauna whisk 6€
  • Refereshments 3-6€
  • Snacks 2-5€
  • Arla Merch, T-shirts 25€ and canvas bags 15€

You can bring your own drinks and snack to Arla!

Opening hours

  • Thursday – 16 – 22
  • Friday – 16 – 22
  • Saturday – 14 – 22
  • Sunday – 14 – 22
  • (please arrive to Arla latest at 21)
  • Monday – Closed / rent for private events
  • Tuesday – Closed / rent for private events


Kaarlenkatu 15, 00530 Helsinki

tel. 0504762184 / [email protected]

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Welcome to Arla!


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