Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions apply to the rental of premises managed and / or owned by SAUNAT.FI / T4T Ventures Oy (the “Lessee”) and define the responsibilities and obligations of the Booker.


The start and end time of the space reservation is stated in the order confirmation. The booking will be confirmed when the Booker accepts these booking and contract conditions or when the rent has been paid in full.

The rental period must include preparation and unloading hours as well as pick-ups of the goods. The rented space must be empty at the end of the booking period. The booker must be at least 18 years old. If the rental premises are used by persons under 18 years of age, this must be stated at the time of booking. For security reasons, the Lessee needs the contact information of at least two persons participating in the event from the Booker.

Any additional hours must be agreed with the Renter separately and will be charged separately according to the price list. Additional hours will be charged according to the entry and exit times stored in the Ajax electric lock per starting hour. Please note that the Renter may charge the customer for additional hours afterwards, depending on the actual use of the space. Used extra towels and tablecloths as well as other additional services ordered afterwards will be charged separately from the booker. The organization of paid public events on the premises is prohibited without the prior written permission of the Lessee.

If the event has to be interrupted by the Renter or an external authority, the Renter is not obliged to compensate for any unused rental time or indirect costs.


Cancellation more than 30 days before the rental period, a booking fee of 25% of the total rental price will be charged. *

Cancellation less than 30 days before the rental period, the full amount of the reservation will be charged. *

*) (Bookings made less than 30 days prior to the rental period may be canceled, in which case we will withhold a portion of the booking fee of 25% of the total rental price if the booking is canceled 14 days prior to the rental period. the total price of the reservation.

Bookings made less than 14 days prior to the rental period may be canceled, in which case we will withhold a portion of the booking fee of 25% of the total rental price if the booking is canceled within 3 days of booking. However, no later than 48 hours before the rental period.)

If there is a hot tub at the time of booking, the booking must be canceled / transferred no later than 48 hours before the rental period. Cancellations under 48 hours will be charged at full rate.


The transfer of the booking is free of charge for the booker if it is made at least three weeks before the original date of the booking. Please note, however, that the transfer must be made no later than 48 hours before booking. Bookings made less than 48 hours before the start of the booking will be considered as cancellations and we will charge the full amount of the booking.

If the Booker wishes to transfer their booking less than 3 weeks before the original time of the booking, the Renter will charge the Booker € 150 for booking and processing costs. The renter will not be reimbursed for price changes. Please always confirm the transfer in writing by e-mail [email protected]. The transferred reservation must be used within 6 months of the original date.

The free transfer of the reservation does not apply to public holidays, high season or the Christmas season. Please always confirm the transfer in writing by e-mail [email protected]. We reserve the right to charge the difference between the space rental payments if the space rent for the day to be transferred is higher than before.

Refunds will be made within 30 business days.


Valid prices are specified in Saunat.fi's online store or in a separate offer or in the services of other partners. Prices quoted include current VAT. The rental price will be paid in full at the time of booking as an online payment or alternatively the Lessee will invoice the Booking Agent with an invoice. The rent must be paid before the rental period. Billing surcharge 15€ per invoice. Payment term 10 days net, invoice late payment interest is in accordance with the Interest Act.

Please note that our space can be booked on several different sites, so there is a small chance that the space will be booked from different forums at the same time and our customer service has not had time to process the booking. In such cases, the space will be leased to the person who first made the reservation. Primarily, we try to find a similar space for the booker in the queue. If this is not found, we will refund the full amount paid in full.


The key can be picked up on the day of rental in accordance with the instructions provided separately to the Booker and the return is made by leaving the key in the place agreed with the Booker. Arrival instructions will be sent to the Booker by e-mail prior to booking, approximately 30 minutes before the start of the booking. Please note, however, that the space reservation will only start at the agreed time. If you want to make your reservation early for preparations, please contact our customer service in good time. If the Renter hands over the arrival instructions, Renter is responsible for any misuse. Please do not pass on the codes to your guests.

Please note that it is always the Customer's responsibility to lock the premises after booking.

Please note that the sauna is heated by the customer and takes about 45 minutes to warm up. (Exceptions are Furuvik's Rantasauna, Pihasauna and Arla's sauna, where the heaters are pre-heated)

Bringing your own food / drinks and other props to and from the premises must take place within the agreed rental period. When leaving, the renter makes sure that the premises are in order and the sauna stove is switched off. If the Booker leaves the heater on at the end of the rental period, the Lessee has the right to charge the Booker an additional fee of 100€.

Animals are not allowed on the premises. The use of any fireplace in the premises is strictly prohibited.

Lamps, candles and electrical appliances should be turned off, windows and doors should be closed and the premises should be locked when leaving.


The Booker shall be fully liable for any damages (including indirect damages) caused to the Lessee, the property and / or third parties or their property during the rental period, as well as the costs of repairing them.

The Booker must not move furniture on the premises. The premises must be in a tidy condition after rental (rubbish in trash cans and recycling bins, bottles and cans collected, dishes in the dishwasher or collected on the kitchen level, used towels and coasters in laundry baskets). Please do not put bottles and rubbish in the same bag, we are an environmentally friendly company and we sort all the waste, mixing the waste makes the job considerably more difficult. Please also notice that the amount of the dishes is taken into account in the cleaning. If there will be a lot of dishes, we recommend washing dishes during your event. Bath whisk is not allowed in the Saunat.fi premises, additional cleaning costs of 55€ will come from the use of the bath whisk.

We charge an additional 100€ cleaning fee for throwing rubbish, bottles, cans, cigarette butts or other furniture from the balcony or terrace. If the booking requires cleaning of the common areas of the property, the Lessee will charge the Booker an additional cleaning cost of 100€. If the Booker breaks any of the furniture or fixed equipment of the rented space or property, the Lessee will charge at least one hour's work, 55€ / hour, in addition to the costs of the repair.

If there is a need for additional cleaning after the rental, the Lessee will charge the Booker 55€ / starting hour based on the actual costs, a special surcharge of 100€ / secretion. Damage to the property and furniture will be invoiced according to the actual costs. In addition to the RRP price of a broken item, we charge the customer 100€ for labor and acquisition costs.

Lost towels will be charged 25€ per towel. Lost keys will be charged 100€ or re-serialized if necessary. Failure to follow the key return instructions will also incur costs for the customer.

Use of emergency exits will cause an alarm and unnecessary use will be charged at least 100€.

Varaaja tiedostaa että uima-allas tulee tyhjentää turvallisuussyistä kokonaan mikäli lasinsiruja joutuu altaaseen tai altaan vesi likaantuu muulla tavoin käyttökelvottomaksi. Varaaja vastaa altaan tyhjennyksestä, puhdistuksesta ja täytöstä aiheutuneista kustannuksista ja lasku työstä lähetetään suoraan Varaajalle. Aiheutuneesta lisätyöstä ja vesimaksuista veloitetaan vähintään 500 €.

The Booker is aware that the swimming pool must be completely emptied for safety reasons if glass shards get into the pool or the pool water becomes otherwise unusable. The booker is responsible for the costs of emptying, cleaning and filling the pool, and an invoice for the work is sent directly to the accumulator. At least 500€ will be charged for additional work and water charges.


At the end of the booking period, the premises must be emptied of all brought goods. Any valuables left in the premises can be inquired by e-mail from Saunat.fi customer service [email protected]. Lost items will not be transported to the Booker, but will be picked up by the Booker in a separately agreed manner. A handling fee of at least € 25 or the actual costs incurred in handling them will be charged. Lost items are stored for 2 weeks.


Booked premises may not contain more than the maximum number of people specified by the Booker. There is a recording camera surveillance in the entrance hall of the premises. The Lessee or their authorized representative person has the right, if necessary, to suspend the event on the premises if the event is considered to cause disturbance to outsiders or the permitted number of people is exceeded. The booker is obliged to pay the costs incurred for the visit to the guards and the rescue service (minimum charge 100€), if necessary. It is not allowed to bring your own DJ equipment and heavier PA systems unless this has been agreed in advance with the tenant. Smoking is only allowed outside in designated areas or in the smoking room. You can bring your own drinks and food to the premises. In Non-rented premises you should always be dressed. Walking around in towels on non-rented premises are therefore prohibited. Excessive movement in the common areas of the property should be avoided. Please note that the lobby and hallway areas are for access only.

The use of a smoke machine in our premises is strictly prohibited!


Any deficiencies and other remarks related to the premises must be reported to the Lessee immediately by telephone. Complaints must be notified to the Lessee by e-mail no later than the working day following the rental.


In the event of force majeure, the Lessee can cancel the reservation. In this case, the booker will receive a full refund of the rent paid. Other costs incurred by the booker as a result of the cancellation will not be reimbursed by the renter. The Lessee reserves the right to change the order and delivery terms and prices.


LESSEE: Saunat.fi / T4T Ventures Oy, Furuvikintie 5, 00870 Helsinki, 

Saunat.fi 044 989 3454

Villa Furuvik 0400 485 425

Y-tunnus : 1927803-7, Kotipaikka: Helsinki.


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