Catering-tarjoilut - saunamenut

Sauna menus

Menu Sausage

Green salad, roasted onion, melon & vinaigrette potatosalad seasoned with Chipotle and Horseradish-Coleslaw

Baguette and cream cheese


Thee types of sausages and mustard

26 €/person

Menu Tapas

Rucola, manchego, roasted seeds and olives seasoned with citrus. Mushrooms, garlic, roasted paprika, eggplant and seasalt. Salmon sticks, limeaioli and Tapas balls. Chorizo, tomatoes, parsley, olive oil bread and herbs

29 €/person

Menu BBQ

Revittyä salad, aioli Smoked vegetables, garlic, tomatoes, crubmled cheese, coriander, Chili-salmonsalad, bread and pepper spread


Pork Ribs BBQ, Hot chicken clubs, Roasted potatoes Bluecheesedip and salsa

30 €/person


Organic coffee and tea 3€/ person


Muista minut