Are you looking for a catering? You can order food and drinks directly through our catering service, delivered to the venue.

We have several menu options for different venues such as meetings, seminars, casual kick-offs and various family parties, as well as weddings and birthdays. From our many different menu options, you can choose the option that suits you and your occasion best. The menus are made from high-quality ingredients with a big heart.

Through us, you can also rent, for example, tableware and skilled staff to take care of the event.

All the catering menus we offer are suggestions and changes are always possible.


Sauna major’s menu

Rosemary focaccia and whipped butter (L) 

Pasta salad with seasonal vegetables, mozzarella and pesto (L)

Clear seasonal potato salad and mustardy dressing (G, Ve)

Coleslaw (G, M)

Three sausage assortment, ketchup, mustard (G, D)

30e per person

Snacking menu - Mediterranean Sea

Rosemary focaccia and balsamico olive oil (Ve)

Cheese plate according to the selection of the day, cookie assortment, seasonal compote (V)

Marinated antipasto vegetables (G, Ve)

Cold cuts plank with two meats (G, D)

Sliced fruits and nuts (G, Ve)

26e per person

Snacking menu - Baltic Sea

Finnish Archipelago Bread and butter (L)

Pickles, honey, smetana (G, L)

Herring and Baltic herring assortment (G, D)

Assortment of cold cuts (G, D)

Red onion, dill and lemon (G, Ve)

Marinated red cabbage and pickled mushrooms (G, Ve)

26e per person 

Barbecue menu

Country bread and whipped butter (L, V)

Watermelon, red onion, crumbled feta cheese and mint (G, L) 

Cabbage fennel slaw and  herb vinaigrette (G, Ve)

Smoked fish salad, sour cream and grandma’s pickles (G, L)

Roasted potatoes and salsa verde (G, Ve)

Honey chili glazed country chicken (G, D)

House teriyaki sauce glazed tender beef flank with sesame seeds (G, D)

34e per person 

Meeting packages

Entire day’s meeting package


Breakfast sandwich stuffed with vegetables, ham and cheese (L)

Sliced fruits (G, Ve)

Natural yogurt, seasonal compote, granola (G, L)

Berry juice

Coffee and Tea


Lunch is tailored according to the selection of the day including always:

House bread and spread (L)

Green salad and vinaigrette (G, Ve)

Filling salad

Warm main course with side dish 

Afternoon sweet

Sweet of the day

Coffee and Tea

49e per person

Half day meeting packages

Breakfast and lunch

42e per person

Lunch and afternoon sweet

32e per person

Afternoon Tea

Smoked salmon sandwich (L)

Goat cheese spinach quiche (L, V)

Classic scones with clotted cream, house compote and lemon curd (L, V)

Berry tartlet (L, V) 

Carrot cake and vanilla cream cheese (L, V)


50e per person

Includes small three storey tower trays 

Mannerheim zakuska menu

Pickles (G, Ve)

Marinated mushrooms (G, Ve)

Marinated vegetables (G, Ve)

e.g. red onion

Air-dried ham with melon (G)

Salmon roe starters (L)

bread and roe mousse

Sandwich (L, incl. fish)

anchovy paste and caper

Club sandwich Paris (L)

mustard and ham

Mushroom pie (L, V)

Coulibiac - fish pie (L)

Pannacotta (G, L)

70e per person

Wedding and celebration menu I

Cold table

Finnish Archipelago Bread and whipped butter (L)

Green salad and dijon vinaigrette (G, Ve)

Smoked salmon salad and sloppy cucumbers (G, L)

Carrot and natural yogurt (G, L) / In September carrot changes to pumpkin  (G, L)

Spelt grain salad, onions of the season and ramson pesto (Ve)

Seasonal vegetable salad and vegan mayo (G, Ve)

/ May-June rhubarb, radish and asparagus

/July turnip, pea and radish

/ August-September beetroot tartare, chanterelles, vegan mayo and crispy buckwheat (G, Ve)


Lamb shoulder and dark sherry sauce (G, D)


Salmon and dill beurre blanc -sauce (G, L)


Vegetable patties and vegan herb sauce (G, Ve)

New potatoes and dill (G, Ve)

Roasted seasonal roots (G, Ve)

49e per person

Celebration menu IIpossunkylki

Country bread and foamed browned butter (L)

Green salad and lemon vinaigrette (G, Ve)

Beetroot, goat cheese and hazelnut (G, L)

Mushroom salad (G, L)

Salmon pastrami and grandma’s pickles (G, D)

Roast beef, chimichurri and pickled red onion (G, D)


Coq au vin - country chicken, pork rib, carrot and champion (G, L)

Potato mash and leaf parsley (G, L)


Åland’s pancake, compote of the season and vanilla foam (L)

48e per person


Carrot cake and vanilla cream cheese (G, L) 6e per person

Åland’s pancake, compote of the season and vanilla foam (L) 6e per person

Chocolate cheesecake (L) 9e per person

Basque cheesecake (L) 12e per person

Lemon meringue pie  (G, L) 7e per person

Mocca mascarpone cake “Tiramisu” (L) 8e per person

 Tailored to the customers wishes cake or other dessert starting from 10e per person

Prices do not include delivery fee 100€/ order.

Allergy labels

G = gluten free / D = dairy free / L = lactose free / V = vegetarian / Ve = vegan


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