is a global sauna industry service dedicated to the comprehensive gathering and showcasing of all saunas around the world. The website provides users with the opportunity to explore various saunas worldwide in one place. The goal is to create a comprehensive database of saunas, covering everything from traditional Finnish smoke saunas to more modern urban saunas and exotic spa saunas worldwide.

The site features an interactive map that enables users to search for saunas based on their geographical location. Each sauna has its own detailed profile page, including information about the sauna, available services for purchase, and a channel for private sauna reservations or ticket purchases for open sessions. is designed to promote international sauna culture and provide sauna entrepreneurs with an effective way to market their services globally.

For sauna entrepreneurs, offers:

Sauna Marketplace: A virtual marketplace for sauna entrepreneurs to sell their sauna services, such as renting saunas for private events, selling tickets for open sauna sessions, or offering other related services.

Detailed Sauna Profiles: Each sauna has its own detailed profile page showcasing unique features, offered services, prices, and user reviews, helping users find the sauna experience that suits them best.

World Map of Saunas: An interactive world map on the site allows users to search for saunas worldwide and explore their offerings.

Booking System: Sauna entrepreneurs can utilize the site's booking system for convenient reservations and direct ticket sales.

User Reviews: Customers can leave reviews and share their experiences with different saunas, aiding other users in making informed decisions.


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